September 30, 2023


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Run : Operating Part 2

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I am leaping on a operating observe once more after 5 years of operating hiatus. 

I began operating in 2012 and I ended operating in 2018 (after I acquired pregnant). There was a part once I ran a lot in a 12 months and there was a part once I decelerate on operating as a result of I am unable to get pregnant. I do not know whether or not it was scientifically associated, however I lastly acquired pregnant with Sofi in 2018. (Yelah, tukang urut mokmekmokmek saying I should not run that a lot if I am attempting to conceive however I used to be skeptical). Dah la underweight. I really acquired pregnant after my 1st ‘sengkak’ session after some time and through that point the therapeutic massage therapist stated my ‘peranakan dah jatuh ni, awak aktif sangat‘. Then 2 months after the session, I acquired pregnant with Sofi, Wallahu A’lam.

In 2012, I began operating as a result of I used to be making ready for my 30s. I used to be 25 and I felt prefer it was an ideal quantity to start out operating. Now roughly 10 years later, I already reached 36, I believe I ought to proceed my outdated mission to maintain on operating. I actually need to do a protracted stroll and hike quickly, so I believe operating can be a very good train to organize for that.

I nonetheless have some points with operating :

1. The problem with having low blood stress. 

I’m extra vulnerable to feeling dizzy and light-headedness. I at all times really feel like I used to be going to go out once I run too quick. My go-to operating tempo is gradual or fast-walking. I additionally restrict my run, the farthest run I did was a half-marathon, twice and I believe it really works for me. Even once I’m operating, I am unable to abruptly cease, tie my very own shoelaces and proceed operating right away. Regular bp: Ranging round 120/80, mine is normally beneath 110/70, typically even decrease than 100/65. That is why a high-intensity train like HIIT coaching is not appropriate for me, byk second nak black out esp kalau ada tunduk then bgn.

To take care of this: Restrict my operating tempo, I learn that to assist elevate my bp, I can drink a cup of espresso within the morning. Further salt would assist too. However I have been having low bp for so long as I can bear in mind and feeling lightheadedness or fatigue are a norm for me. 

2. The problem with operating in daylight.

I’m additionally vulnerable to migraine and complications. It took some time to attach these two: solar/vibrant mild + run = migraine. So once I go longer run (greater than 10km), I normally develop migraine: like somebody hitting on the again of my cranium, and extra nausea on high. After I linked these two, then I ended operating in daylight and entered night time run (in occasions). However then migraine will be triggered by so many issues. So it’s arduous to actually pinpoint on solely one factor. I did an evening half marathon as soon as then I additionally acquired a migraine that night time. Long term = migraine? 

To take care of this: Run at night time or on the fitness center.

3. The problem with operating in a crowd.

I really like the solitude of operating, so operating in occasions with a crowd does not excite me that a lot. So I want operating alone with my music.

Anyway, I’ll add low/average depth workout routines to match my well being situation: weight coaching, yoga, lengthy stroll, or climbing. My intention has at all times been a continuing health exercise was a behavior, I haven’t got any mountain to beat. Lagipun I exploit operating as some kind of therapeutic exercise. 

How one can run once more after 5 years hiatus?

  1. Do delicate yoga stretches/weight coaching per week earlier than to organize your physique – ✓
  2. Replace your playlist – ✓
  3. Begin with a brief run (round 3 km)
  4. Comply with a coaching schedule
  5. Nerd up and report your journey

Operating Playlist:

I up to date my running track as a result of I am beginning a part 2 operating journey. 

The beginning track is Nugatory by d4vd as a result of once you begin operating after some time you’ll really feel dangerous and rasa macam rempeyek tengik, however the finish track is Daybreak by Dario Marianelli & Jean-Yves Thibaudet as an indication of recent hope. It is an hour playlist, by the point you enter The Album Leaf, that is the cue that it is one other 10 minutes+ or so, and you can begin to decelerate. 

Joyful operating!

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