September 30, 2023


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Random : Who Are You Throughout a Zombie Apocalypse ?

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There’s an attention-grabbing area to debate on the subject of morals and ethics throughout a zombie apocalypse. A complete lot of philosophical questions which can be price your nerdy mind to choose on, particularly on the ‘uncomfortable’ what-ifs questions, what is true and improper throughout excessive circumstances, who you’re as an individual, and who you ‘actually’ are in an apocalypse.

These are some questions on morals or ethics that I like to query “myself” as a result of I really like difficult my considering talents once I watch fictional movies, particularly in regards to the apocalypse (though I get triggered simply and I do not feed myself with this type of content material as freely as different individuals, or I assume). Plus you will get to know the particular person higher by asking them these arduous questions, it is all the time an attention-grabbing pov to study from.

Questions I really like asking individuals in the event that they’ve lastly watched/performed The Final of Us or layan The Strolling Lifeless *spoiler alert*:

  • In case you have been in Joel’s scenario, what would you’ve got executed? Would you save Ellie or would you sacrifice Ellie to assist the discovering of the attainable vaccine for mankind?  
  • If there’s a zombie apocalypse, do you need to be the one which chases others or the one which runs away and is being chased?  
  • Would you give up and observe a cultish commune, or would you create one your self, or maybe you would be a lone ranger, OR you select to be a zombie straight away as a result of what’s the that means of LIFE in an apocalyptic world? (So select: Negan, Rick, Daryl, or Carol) 
  • Would you create one other human ie get pregnant throughout an apocalypse? (Maggie & Glenn, helloo?)
  • Would you eat a human to outlive otherwise you fairly die from hunger? 
  • Would you sacrifice your ethical values to outlive and to what extent?
  • What would your long-term technique be throughout a zombie outbreak? Survive for so long as you possibly can? Make allies, discover a group? Turn out to be a zombie or suicide?
  • If everybody is already useless/was a zombie, would you continue to keep round?

These are among the questions that I like to ask individuals (okay, possibly the ‘individuals’ are simply Af and my siblings). So now, I am asking you to ask your self: who you’re as an individual proper now and who you’re throughout a zombie apocalypse.

What’s ethical and what’s ethic?

Within the easiest clarification, morals are our personal rules, what you imagine is true and ethics discuss with the societal techniques or guidelines on what everybody agrees is true or acceptable. Your ethical values can change in case your perception or what you maintain on to vary, however normally moral guidelines do not change as simply with out the acceptance of the entire tribe.

For instance, if cannibalism is accepted in a tribe/commune throughout a zombie apocalypse, it’s the ethically proper factor to do to outlive hunger for them, however possibly not for you since you really feel it’s morally improper to eat one other human being. So, what would you do? 

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