September 28, 2023


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Little Factor 270 : Paradox of Tragedy

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I got here throughout the time period ‘Paradox of Tragedy’ once I was studying Susan Cain’s Bittersweet

What’s the paradox of tragedy? The only option to clarify that is how usually people keep away from distress and struggling, but in some way we additionally invite these emotions into our lives by watching unhappy films, studying fictional tales about different folks’s distress, viewing tragic arts, and listening to melancholic music. 

I did learn Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life figuring out that it’s a story about ache and struggling, I continued watching 13 Causes Why figuring out it may result in nowhere close to happiness, I listened to The Album Leaf’s album figuring out that I’d sob once I actually get into the music. Why can we try this? Why can we put ourselves in sure conditions figuring out the ache that it may deliver to us?

So that’s my query at 4 am within the morning at the moment. 

This query was not authentic from me alone, previous philosophers questioned this too – thus the time period ‘Paradox of Tragedy’ was created as a result of they have been puzzled about this too. How come people welcome sure sorts of ache and derive pleasure from it when the identical factor if it occurred to us in actual life would solely deliver distress and sorrow? How come we voluntarily select these tales or songs to ‘take pleasure in’?

What makes it so interesting to us?

Maybe it is likely one of the methods for us to have interaction with the highly effective feelings that relaxation deep inside us with out having to reside with the true penalties in order that we will replicate on it identical to we skilled it ourselves. The power for us to think about, be empathetic sufficient to really feel, and even perhaps put together for future ache. Or maybe in some way we’d like an emotional launch to revive it to its balanced degree once more:

“typically, nonetheless, the feelings construct up like water behind a dam and demand launch. Enter tragedy”. – John Morreal

I do not know. Maybe, I’d need to really feel like I am not alone in such ache, once I learn painful tales, watch fictional miseries, or hearken to melancholic songs, I really feel like I am not alone. Possibly that is that. Or perhaps I really feel the wonder within the struggling itself. It makes me really feel related to my soul, or have a religious reference to the upper energy, it makes me really feel human, it makes me really feel small and so fragile. 

There may be this Japanese time period “mono no conscious” or the mild unhappiness of issues, that refers to how quick and fragile each existence is, and in addition the necessity to admire it for its magnificence – it’s quick, it’s fragile, so it’s good to admire the time that you’ve with it. 

There’s a melancholic magnificence in falling in love, figuring out that it will not final. There may be ache in giving start, figuring out that we’ll die. It is the transience and bittersweet nature of all the things. It’s not essentially morbid, I imply, you possibly can’t deny the fantastic thing about sakura flowers when they’re in full bloom, figuring out that it’s going to solely final for a short while. Life is so quick.

We take pleasure in it whereas it lasts. 

It’s essential to perceive the impermanence of all the things to understand the issues that we’ve. You could ask, when a flower withers, is it nonetheless a flower? Sure, it’s. 


Here is Hammock’s song for you: Mono No Aware

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