October 4, 2023


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Little Factor 258 : Tabako-flavored Love and J-dorama

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Cannot run away from the previous, can I? 

I completed watching the Japanese Netflix sequence, ‘First Love’ – regardless of not as soon as having a full dedication to watching any J-drama/Okay-drama sequence because of the have to confer with the subtitle (I am unable to work if I have to learn). However I used to be intrigued, how can I not? The sequence is impressed by Utada Hikaru’s well-known love songs within the 90s and 2018.

I am extra connected to the famous love songs of the 90s: ‘First Love’ and ‘Computerized’. I can nonetheless bear in mind the lyrics. My sister and I, each listened to Utada Hikaru after we had been at school, in 1999. We listened to the album repeatedly on cassette, sampai lunyai kertas lirik tu. I used to be simply getting into my teenage years, and love was nonetheless alien to me throughout these time, however boy that tune hits my younger thoughts.

Saigo no kisu wa tabako no taste ga shita / Nigakute setsunai kaori

The final kiss
tasted like cigarette, a bitter and unhappy scent

Final kiss that tasted like a cigarette, proper. 

Positively a younger love romance.

My sister requested me whether or not I watched it final week, and I used to be ready for the time (did not actually really feel like sharing along with her at first). It is humorous to assume that I believed nobody might know my previous, forgetting that I shared most of my rising teenage years with my older sister and she or he taught me about life. She is aware of, in fact, she is aware of. 

It’s not completely relatable as a result of I do not maintain on to my old flame (*my old flame expertise is a bit an excessive amount of painful to be thought of lovely, I used to be barely 18). 

It simply looks as if a dedication to me & my previous: the 90s Utada Hikaru songs, the situation the place half of the sequence relies was at Sapporo, Hokkaido – the place I used to be born at, the snow blizzards appeared acquainted though I used to be too younger to even bear in mind, promo photos taken by Hamada Hideaki (one in every of my fav photographer), properly, in a nutshell, the J-drama expertise itself, teenage years proper to the core. Only a good remembrance of my previous (that apparently I am sharing with my older sister – *eyes rolling).

There’s this ‘innocence’ in J-drama that I am probably not into – the essential cringe-worthy innocence that’s solely acceptable in J-drama I assume; “ladies are delicate and fairly and naive”, “Hallmark quotes”, “holding on to the primary love” trope, the naive innocence is only a bit an excessive amount of for me. 

However the sequence is visually lovely and the songs are good. Did you discover what number of variations they used for the bokeh impact? 

It touches upon the subject of teenage crushes, old flame, sacrifices, surviving within the twentieth century, failures in life, divorce, expectations, properly, fundamental relatable life sequence. 

Love the depiction of life within the 30s.

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