September 28, 2023


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Juxtapoz Journal – Thinkspace Debuts Floyd Strickland’s “Tremendous Wealthy Children,” Dan Lyndersen, Priscilla S. Flores and Extra

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This Saturday, in it is third gallery, Thinkspace Projects will current Floyd Stickland’s Tremendous Wealthy Children, the artist’s debut solo exhibition with the gallery. That includes a physique of labor that delves into the wealthy tapestry of African American tradition, historical past, and its pivotal financial contributions, Strickland has created a set of 12 meticulously crafted oil work. The exhibition artfully weaves collectively historic imagery and modern scenes to light up the importance of cultural and monetary districts from the previous.

The art work within the present contains a various array of black youngsters, every depicted with their cherished possessions, providing a vivid narrative of cultural satisfaction and individuality. These visible vignettes rejoice the enduring essence of African American tradition, juxtaposed towards the backdrop of historic landmarks and symbols.

Past aesthetics, Tremendous Wealthy Children resounds with a strong message. It underscores how African American prosperity and wealth have functioned as an agent of change, difficult oppressive techniques inside the broader American society. The present captures the essence of the cultural and monetary districts that have been pivotal prior to now, showcasing their function as areas of empowerment and resistance.


Additionally on view at Thinkspace is Dan Lydersen’s Plasticine Dream. The exhibition takes the concept of the Plasticine Epoch–a hypothetical concept that someday sooner or later plastics will probably be so ubiquitous within the atmosphere that they’ll be traceable within the fossil document and can outline a brand new epoch in geologic time–a step additional, imagining an outlandish state of affairs the place plastics have fully merged with natural matter in order that the 2 are indistinguishable from each other.


In its fourth gallery, Thinkspace may also debut the solo exhibition from Lengthy Seaside-based painter Priscilla S. Flores. The place the Spirit Meets the Pores and skin is a convergence of actuality and fantasy. By drawing from reminiscence and private experiences with sensuality, Flores explores the exterior and inside relationships she has with the world round her.


Of their Canine Home Gallery, Thinkspace’s latest Gallery, they are going to be showcasing the work of Allison Bamcat, a color-obsessed painter residing in Los Angeles. Via her use of texture, expression, and vivid colour, she seeks to invoke emotions of nostalgia, magic, depth, and gravity. The creatures, props and crops in her work function guides on her private journey, assembling a collection of surreal snapshots of her personal private journey, one in every of stunning development and in addition the simmer of trauma. Fish Fingers works to hypnotize the viewers by way of her dizzying use of colour and element.

A sixth solo exhibition by Yosuke Ueno may also be on show. Take a peek here.

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