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How one can Make Espresso Mug Planters

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Right here’s the take care of these espresso mug planters: They’re so enjoyable to make!

coffee mug planters

Some time again it was my son’s flip to do the dishes. “Mother, can we REALLY want all these mugs?” he requested. He counted nearly two dozen. However every mug has a narrative, proper? You know the way that goes! As an alternative of pitching them, I used them to decorate up my patio! These espresso mug planters have executed wonders for my setting, including a contact of our stunning Arizona desert to my boho-themed patio.

Succulents to make coffee cup planters, by
Listed here are the juicy succulents I bought at Lowe’s. The precise measurement to slot in a mug!

I dwell within the southwest, and we certain do embrace cacti, particularly stunning succulents like these. I purchased quite a lot of them as a result of I might see that they match good inside a mug.


Assorted ceramic mugs
Assorted succulents
Drill with a bit for ceramics (I used the Rockwell 3rill 3 in 1 Drill)
Cactus Soil
Spray bottle with water

Masking tape

Instructions for drilling a gap in a ceramic mug

Security First: Put in your security goggles and dirt masks to guard your eyes and lungs from ceramic mud, which will be dangerous if inhaled.

Put together the Mug: Clear the mug totally, making certain that it’s dry earlier than you begin. Place it the wrong way up on a flat floor. If the mug has a curved backside, create a steady floor by placing it on a towel or a non-slip mat. Bear in mind, not all mugs shall be appropriate for this course of, particularly in the event that they’re very skinny or delicate. All the time take care and go gradual to keep away from cracking the mug.

Mark the Spot: Determine the place you wish to drill the outlet and put a bit of masking tape over the world. The tape will stop the drill bit from slipping and scratching the floor of the mug. Utilizing a marker, draw a small dot on the tape the place you wish to drill the outlet.

Begin Drilling: Utilizing your electrical drill and the carbide or diamond-tipped drill bit, begin to drill a gap on the marked spot. Begin at a really low pace to create an preliminary indentation which can assist to maintain the drill bit from slipping.

Drill with Care: Regularly enhance the pace. Bear in mind, the objective is just not pace, however consistency. Maintain the drill at a gentle medium pace. Making use of an excessive amount of stress may cause the ceramic to crack, so be light and affected person.

Maintain it Cool: In the course of the drilling course of, it’s essential to maintain the drill bit cool to stop it from overheating and doubtlessly cracking the ceramic. You are able to do this by incessantly dipping the bit in water or by having somebody drip water onto the drilling spot whilst you work.

End Up: As soon as the outlet has been drilled, take away the tape and clear the mug totally to take away any ceramic mud.

As soon as your mug has a drain gap, you need to use it as a plant pot

Simply be certain that to make use of a saucer or tray beneath to catch any water that drains out. If you happen to’re planting one thing that requires good drainage, chances are you’ll wish to add a layer of pebbles or damaged ceramic to the underside earlier than including soil. It will assist stop the plant’s roots from sitting in water and doubtlessly growing rot.

After getting your gap drilled, fill the mug midway with the cactus soil combine. Now it’s time so as to add the plant!

Remove succulent from container.
Take away succulent from container.



Succulent plant

Espresso mug planter (with a drainage gap)

Potting combine (ideally one made for cacti and succulents)

Pebbles or small stones (non-compulsory)

Spoon or small shovel

Watering can

How one can add a succulent to a espresso mug planter

Fill the espresso mug about midway with the potting combine. The combo must be well-draining, which is why a cacti and succulent potting combine is normally greatest.

Take away the succulent from its present pot. Be light and take a look at to not injury the roots. If the plant is caught, you possibly can squeeze the perimeters of the pot to loosen it. Shake off extra soil from the roots.

Coffee mug planter

Place the succulent into the espresso mug, spreading the roots out over the soil. The plant must be positioned in order that the bottom of its stem is slightly below the rim of the mug, much like the way it was in its unique pot.

Coffee mug planters
Fill the remainder of the mug with potting combine, leaving some house on the prime. Watch out to not bury the leaves in soil. Use a spoon or a small shovel so as to add the soil and press flippantly across the plant to safe it in place.

Coffee Mug Planters
Espresso Mug Planters by


Give the plant an excellent watering, however watch out to not overwater. Succulents are drought-tolerant vegetation they usually don’t like to take a seat in waterlogged soil. Be sure that water is popping out of the drainage gap on the backside. This reveals that water is flowing by way of the soil and never leaving it soggy.

Place the espresso mug planter in a location the place the succulent will get loads of daylight. Most succulents want vivid, oblique gentle. I like that grouped collectively, these make a very daring and colourful assertion. In addition they are fantastic for giving to accommodate company too!

Coffee Mug Planters

Bear in mind to let the soil dry out between waterings. Overwatering is among the commonest causes succulents die. You’ll be able to test the moisture stage by inserting a finger into the soil. If it’s dry a minimum of 1-2 inches down, it’s time to water your plant. Thanks for testing my publish about espresso mug planters!

Coffee mug planters

Different artistic containers for succulents!

Succulents are fairly versatile and will be planted in quite a lot of containers. The hot button is to make sure the container has good drainage to stop water from accumulating and inflicting the roots to rot. Beneath are some artistic concepts:

tea cup succulent
Picture by taratata

Teacups: Much like espresso mugs, teacups may also make lovely containers for succulents. Simply make sure you drill a gap on the backside for drainage.


Classic Tins: Outdated tins, like these for cookies or tea, will be repurposed into charming, vintage-looking planters.


Aquariums or Terrariums: You’ll be able to create a miniature desert panorama inside a glass aquarium or terrarium. This generally is a nice centerpiece in your lounge.


Pumpkins: For a enjoyable fall ornament, take into account hollowing out a pumpkin and planting your succulent inside.


Books: Hole out a ebook to create a singular planter. Be sure that to seal the within of the ebook to stop water injury and create a barrier between the soil and the paper.


Toy Vehicles: An previous toy truck generally is a playful and eccentric planter for a succulent.


Seashells: Massive seashells can function a pure and delightful planter. They’re significantly good for small succulents.


Sneakers or Boots: Outdated rain boots and even worn-out loafers will be changed into fascinating planters.


Wine Corks: These will be hollowed out and used as a container for tiny succulent cuttings. They will then be connected to the fridge as magnets or used as distinctive place card holders.


Mild Bulbs: Outdated gentle bulbs will be hollowed out and used as small hanging planters.


Picket Pallets: These can be utilized to create a vertical backyard of succulents.


Hen Cages: These will be lined with moss and crammed with succulents for a dangling backyard.


Glass Jars or Bottles: Glass containers generally is a good choice for succulents. Be sure that to layer pebbles on the backside for good drainage.

These are only a few examples, and the probabilities are nearly infinite. Simply bear in mind, crucial elements of selecting a planter are making certain it has good drainage, is giant sufficient for the foundation system, and that the fabric received’t adversely have an effect on the plant. Additionally bear in mind to regularly acclimate your succulents to their new containers to keep away from surprising them.

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