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101+ Funniest Friday Jokes | Skip To My Lou

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Friday is the day that everybody appears ahead to. It’s the final day of the workweek, and it’s a time to let free and have some enjoyable. Listed below are a set of jokes about Friday which are positive to make you chuckle!


  1. What comes after Black Friday? Broke Saturday.
  2. Why is Friday a cheerful day? As a result of the following day is a sadder day
  3. What’s the worst factor that may occur on a Friday? Whenever you notice it’s Thursday.
  4. What did the lazy individual do the day after Friday? Sat
  5. Who wins in a battle between Friday and Saturday? Saturday, as a result of Friday is a weak day
  6. When will a priest chuckle at your Friday joke? When it’s a Good Friday joke
  7. What goes by slower than a boring film? Friday afternoon.
  8. What do individuals who earn a living from home put on for Informal Friday? Nothing
  9. What do millennial eskimos do Friday night time with women they like? Web fish and chill.
  10. What did the accordion participant say on Friday? Accordion to me, it’s going to be a fantastic Friday
  11. What does it imply whenever you arrived late at work for the fifth time in every week? It means that could be a Friday.
  12. Why did the person on the calendar manufacturing facility sit chopping all of the Fridays out? He needed a break day
  13. When is the very best day to go racing? Fri-Daytona
  14. When can Sunday really feel like a Friday? When you will have a weekend job.
  15. Why was Robinson Crusoe embarrassed when he received rescued? They discovered him on Friday
  16. What’s Jason Voorhees’ favourite restaurant? TGIF13 (Thank God it’s Friday the thirteenth).
  17. What’s Jack Black’s favourite day of the 12 months? Black Friday
  18. What is quicker than the Flash? Friday nights.
  19. What’s the very best cleaning soap opera to observe earlier than the weekend? Fridays of Our Lives
  20. What would a drained individual do if Friday night time was an individual? Hug it and by no means let it go.
  21. Why do geologists store on Friday? For the nice weekend shales!
  22. The place are you able to save 100% on Black Friday? At residence – by not procuring.
  23. Why did the French individual go to McDonalds? It was French Fry-Day.
  24. What’s Friday the thirteenth? The day of the 12 months that individuals blame witchcraft for his or her common stupidity. 
  25. What do cows do on Friday nights? Go to the mooooooovies.
  26. What do you name individuals who had been born on Friday the thirteenth? By their names.
  27. Why did Han buy groceries on Black Friday? As a result of the costs had been Solo.
  28. The place can you will have a Fry-day on daily basis? In Grease.
  29. What did the fruit ask on the finish of the work week? Orange you glad it’s Friday?
  30. Why wasn’t the Friday severe about something? It was an off-the-cuff Friday.
  31. What must you do when life provides you lemons? Ask for extra Friday nights as an alternative.
  32. What did the trainer give on black Friday? 50% off late assignments.
  33. What does God present to hardworking individuals? Fridays.
  34. Why couldn’t Friday raise something heavy? As a result of it was a weak day.
  35. Why didn’t the French chef notice it was Friday? It Crêpe’d up on him.
  36. What did Friday say to Saturday and Sunday once they had been about to surrender? Weekend do it!
  37. What did the horse get for Black Friday? A Macintosh.
  38. Why did the scholar cheer when he received residence from faculty? It was Friyay!
  39. What day of the week did Toad like essentially the most? Fly-day.
  40. When do wealthy individuals rejoice Black Friday? On daily basis.
  41. Why did Thomas the Tank Engine cease engaged on Friday? He ran out of steam…
  42. What did the Iceberg say to the Romaine on Friday? Lettuce rejoice!
  43. What occurs to black cats on Friday the thirteenth? They’ve a variety of hiccups.
  44. What do you name the day when it’s important to submit an enormous task that you haven’t even began? Frightay.
  45. Why was the hospital empty? As a result of it’s a feel-good Friday.
  46. What do you name it when it’s important to end your homework on a Friday? A cryday night time.
  47. Why was everyone so nervous about Friday? As a result of it was Deadly Friday.
  48. How lengthy is Monday from Friday night time? 5 minutes.
  49. What did Roman say on Good Friday? “Nailed it.”
  50. The place can you discover a pc on Friday night time? On the disc-o.
  51. Why do People buy groceries on Black Friday? They’re grateful they survived Thanksgiving dinner.
  52. What’s a rooster’s deadliest day? FRIday.
  53. What kind of pasta is favorable on Friday the thirteenth? Fettuccini Afraid-o.
  54. What sort of dessert goes greatest with the theme of Friday the thirteenth? I scream.
  55. What did a employee inform his co-worker when the lengthy and busy week was about to finish? “Fri-nally.”
  56. Who can revenue lots on Friday the thirteenth? Tailors as a result of they know a variety of superstitchens.
  57. Why did my dad not go to work on Good Friday? As a result of it was a holy-day.
  58. How does Good Friday finish? With a ‘y’.
  59. Why was the shopper sad with the vacuum he introduced on black Friday gross sales? It sucked.
  60. Why ought to one go to a tire store on Black Friday? They are going to have a blowout.
  61. What’s the best present Friday can provide? Weekend vibes.
  62. What did John Wicks’ enemy inform him on Friday? “Watch out, Wicks going to finish quickly”.
  63. Is Good Friday a tragic day? Sure, however the subsequent day’s a Sadderday.
  64. The place does Christmas come earlier than Good Friday and Easter? In a dictionary.
  65. What must you do on Good Friday if you wish to eat lots on Easter? Egg-cersise.
  66. What did I say to my pal who requested me if I do know the very best Friday jokes? I instructed her that I solely know Good Friday jokes.
  67. When do nuns chuckle at Friday jokes? When the Friday joke is about Good Friday.
  68. What do biologists put on to work on Friday? Genes.
  69. What’s the most favorite day for a window shopper? Purchase Day
  70. What’s a hungry individual’s favorite day of the week? Pie-day
  71. What’s an introvert’s favorite day of the week? Shy-day
  72. How can a person go away residence on Friday, keep away for 4 nights, after which return on Friday? Friday is the title of his horse. 
  73. Good individuals don’t go to work on Fridays. They make an look.
  74. Why do you want Fridays that a lot? Friday is the very best F-word ever.
  75. How do you make a blonde chuckle on a Sunday morning?  Inform her a joke on Friday. 
  76. What do you want if in case you have the tune “Friday I’m in Love” caught in your head? The Remedy.
  77. What’s manner worse than Friday the thirteenth? Monday the no matter.
  78. What do neanderthals do on Friday night time? Go clubbing.
  79. What’s the greatest Friday of the 12 months for the devoted? The Good Friday.
  80. What comes after Friday the thirteenth? Saturday the 14th!
  81. Why does Friday stand (out)? The following day is sat day.
  82. When can Monday really feel higher than a Friday? It could actually’t.
  83. What’s Friday’s favourite day? Friday. It’s simply that good of a day.
  84. What’s the solely factor higher than a Friday night time? A Monday vacation.
  85. If exhibiting up in a gown and tiara with a field of wine is fallacious, then perhaps I don’t comprehend how Informal Friday works.
  86. Black Friday: The one day the place you would possibly get away with killing somebody to seize some toy.
  87. Why was the boat store proprietor completely happy on Black Friday? It was essentially the most profitable sail of that 12 months.
  88. What’s the neatest thing to keep away from on Friday the thirteenth? Superstitions.
  89. It could be Friday the thirteenth however it’s nonetheless Friday and a motive to bop!
  90. What tune do you sing on Friday the thirteenth? Voorhees a jolly good fellow.
  91. What sort of beans do Jason Voorhees from Friday the thirteenth desire? Human beans.
  92. Why is it greatest to not care about Friday the thirteenth? As a result of it’s dangerous luck to be superstitious.
  93. Why don’t individuals like jokes about Friday? They’re week.
  94. Why was the fruit busy on a Friday night time? It had a date.
  95. When’s the very best time to satisfy Ice Dice and Chris Tucker? Friday.
  96. Fridays are the toughest in some methods; you’re so near freedom. 
  97. When does Jason Voorhees put on a t-shirt and shorts together with his hockey masks? On Informal Friday the thirteenth.
  98. What do you place in your drink on Friday? Ice Dice.
  99. When’s the following greatest time to satisfy Ice Dice and Chris Tucker? Subsequent Friday.
  100. What does an worker look ahead to on Friday nights? The following Friday night time.
  101. What do you name it when you will have a great philosophical dialog with your mates on a Friday afternoon over a fast-food meal? A deep fry-day.
  102. In the event you assume Friday is a tragic day, I’ve received some dangerous information for you. Tomorrow is Sadder Day.
  103. Have you learnt why I don’t concern Friday the thirteenth? As a result of my life is already as unfortunate as it may get.
  104. What’s the very best music to play on Friday night time? The Weeknd.
  105. Did you hear in regards to the cannibal who transformed to Catholicism? On Fridays, he solely eats fishermen!

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