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100/ Celebrating the tenth anniversary of this Weblog : an analytical assessment

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‘Iconography in Artwork Historical past’ was launched on June 12, 2011 with three goals to debate: A. Quantitative approaches in artwork historical past, distant viewing, thematic analysis collections and topical catalogues; B. Papers, articles or blogs and web sites the place the iconography is of significance; C. Inter-art analogies between pictorial and different ‘sister’ arts(literature, music, dance, and many others). With particular consideration to the iconography of Aphrodite/Venus.

The analytical assessment on this 100th publish presents the difficult metrics of ‘views’ supplied by Blogger, estimates the variety of critical ‘guests’ and attracts particular consideration to the content material of the 99 posts and its goals A, B or C. Which goal was the extra profitable ? Or is the ‘clickbait’of the title crucial matter ?

Timelines of views 

The publishing platform Blogger in Dynamic Viewcounts pageviews because the variety of clicks on a publish. Thus clicks on 20 posts, will depend as 20 views. Fig.1 exhibits a pattern of timelines of views of six posts with their publication date, collected from the listing in Fig.2 of twenty most considered posts with variety of complete views, on June 2, 2021. 

Determine 1 Six timelines of views of posts and their publication date

chosen from the listing in Determine 2

These timelines illustrate a shocking range amongst particular person posts of fixing ‘views’ (‘recognition’?) with time since publication date. Posts 27/ & 14/ present a steady recognition with time, in distinction to publish 22/ with its peak at publication and a smaller peak some two years later. Posts 35/ & 49/ have their peaks a number of years after publication. The more moderen publish 86/ with a steady ascending recognition can be additional mentioned hereafter.


Determine 2 From prime to backside and from left to proper:

twenty most considered posts with quantity (Okay=*1000) of complete views

The complete listing of 99 posts with their titles will be finest found in one of many dynamic views Timeslide or Sidebar of this Weblog.

 It seems that the primary publish on this listing: 27/ The girdle of Aphrodite/Venus…or was it het ‘wonderbra’? (printed January 3, 2013) is an absolute outlier with 20.9K (20,900) complete views, in comparison with the following posts with a lot smaller complete views (5.3K, 4.55K, and many others.). Is that this a case of the ‘clickbait = wonderbra’ within the title ? The numerous Feedback of this publish make clear the explanations for the a lot debated time period ‘girdle’ of that shaggy dog story in Homer’s Iliad. The related publish of April 24, 2013 31/ The wonderbra of Aphrodite-Venus: the sequel is just not amongst these twenty most considered posts, although it bought a comparatively excessive depend of three,277 views, mentioned hereafter in Fig.5.

The ‘clickbait’ in lots of different titles can also have been necessary for the recognition of posts, like ‘I Modi (The Positions)’, ‘Cybernetics’, ‘The one-night stand’, ‘Tannhäuser’, ‘Titian’…

 Blogger provides additionally a timeline of all posts with an all-time variety of views: 455,747 on June 1, 2021, 6 pm (Fig.3). Its exceptional peak of 14,833 views on October 1, 2016 was already mentioned in publish 78/ 7 years running a blog when a complete of 353,307 pageviews have been recorded, or a median of 138 views per day (1 Fig.1). The current common per day is: 455,747 / 3642 = 125.

Determine 3 Timeline of complete views (455,747) of all posts

with 602 feedback on June 1, 2021

Determine 4  




All these knowledge originate from ‘Stats (S)’ of the primary menu of the person however they differ considerably with the info of complete views per publish present in ‘Posts (P)’ (Fig.4) as can be demonstrated beneath.


Table of Contents

 Rating of posts

The rating of posts by their complete views as supplied in ‘Posts (P)’ is in contrast with the rating in response to ‘Stats (S)’ given in Fig.2 above. In Fig.5 the bar-graph in gray color represents the whole views with vertical scale on the left and the rating 0011 to 055 of post-numbers on the horizontal scale in response to the info from ‘Posts (P)’. The bar-graph in blue color represents additionally the whole views  and the rating of the 20 most considered posts from ‘Stats (S)’: they clearly differ in each values of complete views and of rating, as given within the data-table beneath the graph. This can be a irritating problem not defined by Blogger (2).


Determine 5 Comparability of rankings ‘Posts (P)’ and ‘Stats (S)’ of post-numbers and their complete views

Of particular curiosity are the extra current posts 86/, 87/ and 88/: they’re ranked respectively 002 or 007, 008 or 037 and 013 or 052in ‘Stats (S)’ or in ‘Posts (P)’. Clearly, current posts are deprived when evaluating complete views, as a result of older posts have an opportunity to be considered extra as was demonstrated within the timelines of Fig.1. This was additionally clearly illustrated within the former publish 78/ 7 years running a blog  with a graph of the sequential post-number versus the variety of views per publish (1 Fig.10).

Fig.6 beneath examines once more this graph the place certainly, after post-number 66/ a transparent decline of views is noticed, nevertheless, now with an increase of views for post-number 86/, 87/ and 88/. This ‘anomaly’ will be uncovered by calculating the imply day by day views per publish = complete views / variety of days since publication. Thus, a small variety of days since publication might end in a excessive worth of this imply day by day views per publish (vertical axis on the fitting facet of Fig.6). In statistics of time sequence evaluation with a development within the knowledge, the exponential smoothing method is proposed, with a smoothing parameter 0 < alpha <1, normally set between 0,1 and 0,3 (3). A worth 1 would present no smoothing in any respect, a price 0,01 would present an virtually horizontal line. In Fig.6 alpha = 0,1 has been chosen, decreasing significantly the peaks of day by day views of the current posts. 

Determine 6

Yet another problem is the truth that the calculated sum of all views per publish given in ‘Posts (P)’ is simply 255,621, whereas the all-time views in ‘Stats (S)’proven in Fig.3 is 455,533. Presumably, the all-time views embrace the views of 5 Weblog-pages of static content material – not posts, totalling 18,563 views. One among these pages is known as ‘About me and my Tweets’ with 2,543 views – which might be interpreted as variety of , and hopefully, returning ‘guests’. However the massive discrepancy between these knowledge from ‘Stats (S)’ and ‘Posts (P)’ stays with out data (2).

Anyhow, what does all this signify for the ‘recognition’ of the posts? Given the chronology of publication and its massive impact on the imply day by day views per publish(Fig.6) and the extremely various and evolving timeline of views per posts, as illustrated in Fig.1, a rating of posts for recognition by their complete views is in truth elusive. Extra necessary would be the choice of the viewers in response to the goals A, B and C of the publish.

Classification of goals and their common depend of views

 Goal A. Quantitative approaches in artwork historical past, distant viewing, thematic analysis collections and topical catalogues has been, naturally, the first space of this weblog, with 67% of all posts. GoalC. Inter-art analogies between literature and different ‘sister’ arts (music, dance, and many others), counts for 18% of all posts. Goal B. Papers, articles or blogs and web sites the place the iconography is of significance counts for the remaining 15% (Fig.7).



 Although, many posts might be labeled in multiple method since a number of of these in Goals B or C have been mentioned with a quantitative method. 


Fig.8 exhibits the distribution of those Goals among the many post-numbers/yr versus their complete views, however complete views 21,605 of the outlier post-number 27/ is truncated.


Fig.8 (complete views 21,605 of post-number 27/ is truncated)


 Utilizing the figures of complete views per publish  of Fig.8, the typical depend of views per goal will be calculated and interpreted as a choice of the viewer. Although 67% of all posts are labeled as Goal A, their common depend of views is simply half of the 18% posts labeled as Goal C (Fig.9). 
Determine 9 The common depend of views per goal A, B and C

There is no such thing as a doubt, posts with goal C are rather more ‘fashionable’ than these of goal A…or: the quantitative method in artwork historical past is just not (but) most well-liked. However nonetheless and hopefully, this Weblog might have bolstered its progress.


  1.  Publish of June 12, 2018 78/ On today: 7 years running a blog, 77 posts 
  2.  This drawback has been addressed a number of instances within the Blogger Help Community. One Really helpful Reply advised “Blogger Stats knowledge and the view depend will be unpredictable as this includes the platform infrastructure.” 
  3.  The selection of the worth of alpha within the  exponential smoothing technique is basically arbitrary. To the writer’s information, the method has by no means been utilized to evaluation of view counts of posts, or social media normally.  

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